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About Our Displays

Protect Your Cards

Our displays are made of two laser cut quarter inch extruded acrylic plates with an eighth inch acrylic card holder in the center. All displays come with a perfect fit sleeve for even more protection & easy to use aluminum hardware to bind it all together!

Put those hits on Display!

As a collector, binders are key to organize your collection. But there are some cards you just want to stare at endlessly. Our clear acrylic displays let you do just that. Our displays are 4” x 6” and come with aluminum stands to help show off your cards on any shelf or table. You can use the provided hardware to also hang the displays on your wall!

About The Business

Raw Displays LLC

RD set out to solve the problem of sending cards out to get protected via slab. There is always that chance of something happening to the card in transit or being mishandled. We wanted to provide an option for those who don’t plan on selling their collection but wanted to give some protection to their most valuable pulls. 

Armando Florencio

As a proud member of this amazing community, I wanted to give back and contribute in some way shape or form. As a multimedia designer I knew i was able to provide a high quality product that would stand out not only in the market, but also on your shelves! I hope you enjoy and stay tuned to see where we take this!